Azin opal

Azin Opal Co. - Azin Sazan mabna has started its activity in 2005 with the goal of producing colored glass containers of high quality and responding to the needs of consumers. In cooperation with a group of experts from this industry and using advanced and up-to-date technologies in the year It was launched in 2007 and launched its products with Azin Opal brand. The success of the production of glass containers for the first time in Iran provided a new era in the kitchen and catering industry.
Advancement, innovation and up-to-date are the company's main priorities. To this end, consultation with experts and domestic and foreign experts and the use of advanced and up-to-date technologies of the world is always on the agenda of this manufacturing group.

100 Active and skilled human resources
14 Years of azin opal activity
90 Percentage of global quality of Azin Opal